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Potting Soil/Compost

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GRO BioDiverse Compost
GRO BioDiverse Compost is the perfect natural soil amendment for both organic and non-organic growers, for any flower or vegetable garden. No additional fertilizers are needed:
  • Contains equine manure, 5 types of hardwood, 2 types of softwood chips, straw, hay and alfalfa.
  • Aids in water retention, decreases the need for weeding.
  • Stimulates disease and pest resistance and promotes strong root, foliage and stem growth.
  • Used to increase soil fertility and build soil structure.
  • Approved as an input for certified organic operations.
  • Contains essential soil biology. Not sterilized.
Size: 22 Litre
GRO BioDiverse Potting Mix
GRO BioDiverse Potting Mix is an excellent medium for plant germination and growth. Use it for starting vegetable and wildflower seeds and for container gardening.
  • Contains GRO Compost (with high fungal and bacterial counts and some protozoa as well), Peat Moss (28%), Perlite, Vermiculite, 4 Trace Minerals and Kelp/Seaweed.
  • Decreased watering needed, our potting mix only uses 28% peat moss but still has a high water holding capacity.
  • Uses compost and trace minerals to increase the rate of germination. Additional fertilizers are not required.
  • Expect increased root growth, increased vigor, and larger plants that are ready for transplant in less time compared to commercial potting mix.
Made in Woodville, Ontario and in small batches to ensure consistent quality.
Size: 22 Litre