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Garden Design Services

We have the know how. You have the garden!
  1. If you have a newly prepared garden bed or an existing garden with some room for new plants.
  2. If you know you want native species in your garden and you would like some help with your plant choices.
  3. If you have a vision for your native plant garden, perhaps a garden for pollinators, rain, drought or shade, and you need a little help making it a reality...
We will work with you to design your native plant garden. Choose from one of the 3 options below!
Design Services
Option 1: Consultation ($100 plus tax)
A one hour consultation at our nursery with our garden designer.

  • bring your garden dimensions and pictures and thoughts about the garden of your dreams.
  • are encouraged to document our discussion.
  • ask questions so we can understand the characteristics of your garden (e.g., moisture, light and soil conditions, location of buildings, trees and fencing).
  • ask you about your vision for your garden, your preferences (e.g., what colour of flowers do you like best) and your desired budget.
  • discuss how you could prepare your garden bed and what soil amendments to use.
  • discuss which native plants species would work well and suggest how many of each and where they could be placed.
Option 2: Consultation & Thematic Design Sketch ($500 plus tax)
All the items listed in Option 1, plus:
  • in either your front or back yard, a garden up to 800 square feet in area.
  • a design sketch of your garden, based on your measurements and photos, showing plant placement and any features, like paths, fountains or rain gardens, discussed in the consultation.
  • an itemised plant list indicating quantities, as well as some brief notes describing the design.
  • digital files by email in PDF and JPEG format, which you can then easily print.
Option #2 Sample - Rosenfeld Garden

Katherine, your designs are stunning on paper and in practice. Thanks for bringing so much beauty to the world! Karen, thanks for growing such fabulous plants! My brother and I have extended the native plant garden to the north side of his house now, with the same beautiful plant combinations.
We mirror thanks to Karen and Katherine and add thanks to Matt and Sean. At risk of appearing melodramatic, the overall effect is dazzling!
Option 3: Custom Project Design
For a more detailed design with greater accuracy, we recommend a consultation together with a site visit, the price of which will be determined by the location, the size and complexity of the project, and the printing required.

Option #3 Sample - Lake Project
We are happy to provide detailed Design Proposals which could include logistics, materials and site preparation or Design Presentations, should they be required. We oversee and direct installations of all kinds.