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Gift Certificates
Native Plants in Claremont offers Gift Certificates with Gift Cards for purchase! Simply specify the amount for your gift certificate ($10 minimum) and choose from two optional gift cards (Berries or Cardinal) to accompany your gift certificate (we will hand write your message). The gift certificate and gift card will be mailed to the address you specify. Order early so your gift certificate can be mailed in time!
To include an optional gift card for $1.95 (plus HST), please select the version you'd like, and provide your personal message below.
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Boxed Plants
We will be accepting new Box Plants orders starting Spring 2021.
Stay tuned for the ordering date.
We courier Boxed Plants to your home or business, anywhere in Ontario! We have two options that you can choose from, a box of 6 or a box of 18. Both options includes the cost of courier.

The plants below are only those that can be included in the Boxed Plants. We sell a variety of other plants that are not listed below! To see the full list, please go to our Plants and Prices page.

Boxed Plants - 6
- Total of 6 plants
- No maximum species
- Cost $55 including shipping

Plants to Choose From:
Plants Chosen:
Boxed Plants - 18
- Total of 18 plants
- Maximum 6 per species
- Cost $130 including shipping

Plants to Choose From:
Plants Chosen:

Native Wildflower Seed Packets

Greeting Cards

A selection of our favourite wildflowers, painted by Lovemiss. Each card has a thumbnail photo of the actual wildflower with a short descriptive caption. Printed on 100% recycled, chlorine free and ancient forest friendly paper.

Each card is $4.95, plus $1 shipping. A pack of 4 is $17.95, plus $1 shipping (pack includes one of each card).

Single Card
Greeting Cards

Package of 4 Cards
Package of 4 Greeting Cards