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Two Books in One Native Plants Native Plants [ click for a closer view ]
The Monarch Butterfly / The Cecropia Moth
Monica Taylor
Two books in one.

Monica Taylor, a Canadian photographer, from Bowmanville, Ontario, has a dream to create a sense of wonder and excitement in both the young and old, celebrating this amazing yet fragile world of ours. Explore the beauty and complexity of nature through the art of photography.

Monica says, "After 5 years of observation, documentation and photography, it was a privilege to preserve these fleeting moments in time. With over 75 close up and beautifully detailed photographic images, you will learn about the amazing transformation of the Monarch butterfly and the elusive nocturnal Cecropia moth. This book features a spectacular photographic depiction of both the Monarch Butterfly and the Cecropia moth through their entire life cycle. Every step by step image is detailed and explained with clear, kid-friendly language that can also be enjoyed by adults."

All the documentation and photography is taken just east of Toronto.